Nov. 15th, Water Authority Ride Wrap Up

What a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L day for a ride.  Thanks to Charm and Fran for organizing the day and leading the ride.  Of course, we had a few laughs along the way.  And, we all learned a few things.

1.)  If your derailleur gets all funked up, we all stay around while the mechanic in the group gets it running again.  However, once it’s fixed, we will all leave the mechanic alone on the trail while they gather up all of their tools.  We are compassionate, to a point.

image image image image image image image

2.)  Adding the name “Maximous” to any name turns the person into an instant gladiator.

3.)  Rob’s new nickname is “Flash Costello.”  As Fran and I dismounted to throw our bikes over a downed tree, Rob comes sailing by, al-la Cyclocross style, throws a leg over his bike,  steps over the log, and remounts.  Meanwhile, Fran and I are still deciding who goes over the log first.

4.)  Charm doesn’t need oxygen nor is she affected by gravity.

5.)  Always carry a can of vertasile “Stud Mud.”  There are many uses.  First…After cleaning your mountian bike, you can’t arrive at the trail head with it 100% clean.  Stop before you get to the meeting point and use your can of Stud Mud to add a few spots here and there.  When you arrive, your expert status will be maintained.  Even better…If you start to trail behind the group, slow down and pull out your can of Stud Mud.  This time, go wild. Spray your entire bike, yourself, even inside your jersey.  Be sure to use the whole can.  Now, when you catch up to the group you can talk about the knarlly mud bath route you found.  Oh, be sure to be panting just a bit too, stagger your words and gasp for air a few times as you tell the story.  That will really lock in your expert mountain biker status.

<Stud Mud, copyright 2015, Charm Products.>

6.)  Always wear your helmet when inviting other riders to join your selfy.

The rest of the lessons learned would certainly enact the cyber censor.  So, lets just say fun was had.

Besides these highlights, the ride was fantastic.  My first time out at the Authority and it was well worth getting my MB back in action.  The double track roads are sweet.  And, the single track downhill offers a bit of technical riding.

I look forward to the next ride already.

By Mark B.



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