Ride Wrap Up: Christmas Day Mountain Ride with the First Lady and Prez

By Mike H:

Merry Christmas. Since it was so warm, the First Lady and I decided to do a mountain bike ride up in Pine Creek with two of our friends and their three dogs. (We were scoping it out for a possible new ride next year!) We shuttled to the Manor Fork Road up in the Black Forest on Route 44 (Coudersport Pike). We took the short 2 mile Gas Line trial so that we could visit Bob Webber’s cabin in it’s original location, before it gets moved to the Lumber Museum. (Bob is a local legend who established and maintained many of the trails in the Black Forest. We had dinner with him a few years ago and learned he started out his career as an Al Jolson impersonator. Bob and his wife Dotty lived many years in a wood heated cabin with not running water (and about 40 cats). Bob and his wife recently passed away and there is a movement to preserve his memory.)

After returning to Manor Fork Road, we left our friends and did the fast downhill on Manor Fork to Slate Run Road and followed it all the way to Pine Creek. With all the recent rain, all the creeks and waterfalls were flowing quite well. Once at Pine Creek, we followed the rail trail all the way back to the Ramsey access. It ended up being 34 miles. We ended the day with crab stuffed salmon dinner at Lori and Cliff.

Let us know if you might be interested in a shuttle and picnic ride up in the Pine Creek Area this summer.

Photos and gps below.


hanatin_christmas_ride_001 hanatin_christmas_ride_002 hanatin_christmas_ride_003 hanatin_christmas_ride_004 hanatin_christmas_ride_005 hanatin_christmas_ride_006 hanatin_christmas_ride_007 hanatin_christmas_ride_008 hanatin_christmas_ride_009 hanatin_christmas_ride_010

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