Spring Fling Weekend May13 -15th with the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia

We are joining with over 100 members of the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia in Danville during May 13th through the 15th for a weekend of bike riding. There are members at all levels of experience and there are a number of rides of various distances being planned. The list below is not even a complete listing. Bill Seward and I may plan a ride for Friday afternoon, but most of the rides are Saturday and Sunday. Typically we drive down in the morning and meet at the Comfort Inn for the rides although some rides start at the Montour Preserve. There is always lots of food and friendly conversation about bikes!

Hotel entrance

Here is an extract from the Leader’s email.

“If you are available to join us and help lead rides (and the parties, of course), we’d love to see you!We will have ride schedule boards in the hotel meeting room, where leaders can post their ride details.Below is a list of some our route links.  We are ALWAYS eager to acquire new routes, in order to add variety to our event, so please don’t hesitate to share more routes.I hope to see you next month!”

Linda McGrane, 267-251-7862

 “Taste of Northumberland County/Watsontown” – 37 miles, 1611 feet of climbing


“Columbia County 35-Miler” (Entered April, 2010) – 35 miles, 2470 feet of climbing


“Orange You Glad We Stopped in Orangeville?” – 40 miles, 2646 feet of climbing


REVISED “Anything for Ice Cream” – 28 miles, 1823 feet of climbing


REVISED “Bipartisan – Both Sides of the River, that Is” – 52 miles, 2574 feet of climbing


 “Meander to the Montour Preserve” – 23 miles, 1616 feet of climbing


“Farm-Fresh Fun to Burkholder’s Market” – 23 miles, 1612 feet of climbing


“Catawissa & Covered Bridges” – 36 miles, 2538 feet of climbing


“Rollin’ Near the River” – 15 miles, mostly flat, 946 feet of climbing


“Washingtonville FLATlander” – 19mi, mostly flat (608 ft climbing), leaves from Montour Preserve


“Historic Churches & Turbotville” – 33 miles, 1396 ft of climbing, leaves from Montour Preserve


“Danville <> Bloomsburg Ramble”  4/28/2012 – 29 miles, 1136 feet of climbing


“Short-cut return from Bloomsburg to Danville” (few miles shorter than main Ramble, above)


“Danville <> Lewisburg Loop”  4/28/2012 – 35 miles, 1451 feet of climbing


“Short-cut return from Lewisburg to Danville”  (~4 miles shorter than main Loop, above)


“Danville Quality Inn to downtown Danville, via H. Eyer Rd”


(mostly flat bike route into town, minimizing use of PA-54 – 3.3 miles each way/6.6 total)

“Straight Down the Middle” – 43 miles, 2315 feet of climbing

Straight down the middle


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