Ghost Town Rail Trail Ride, August 13th and 14th, Details and RSVP!

Hello everyone…I’ve been talking with various members about the ride on the Ghost Town Rail Trail near Johnstown, PA.  Enough of you have expressed interested that we are a GOOOOOOO!

So, here are the plans.

Photo by jdubohio

Photo by jdubohio


First, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the trail. Here’s a link the the Trail Link map.
Note:  You need to create a Trail Link site login (or use your Facebook login to view the actual map).

Second, we will meet at the Heshbon Trail access point.  You can use the map above to locate the Heshbon access.  Heshbon is located 6 miles east of the Saylor Park trail head.

Here’s the mileage chart, trail heads and facilities listings.

We will ride to Ebensburg (25 miles from Heshbon).  The ride to Ebensburg is the uphill route.  The trail is a typical RT with only one section that is a bit more of a climb.  Between Nanty-Glo and Ebensburg, there is a section with a 2.5-3 degree incline for 2-3 miles.  The return trip is all downhill. 🙂


Judy and I have reservations at the Dillweed Bed and Breakfast located in Dilltown.  If you call, or email, let Corey know you are with the Williamsport Bicycle Club.  There are no discounts, but he knows some other may want to stay.  I called today, 5/6 and they have rooms available.  Judy and I will be staying Friday and Saturday nights.

There are also hotels in Ebensburg.

Saturday: (50 miles)

8:30am: Leave the Heshbon Access point
Stops — Vintondale, Nanty-Glo
Around 12:00pm:  Arrive in Ebensburg, PA — Lunch option, Our Station House
Leave Ebensburg around 1:15
Stop at Dillweed Inn around 3:30 for ice-cream and snacks.
Leave Dillweed around 4:15 to head to Heshbon trail head.
End of day.

Sunday:  (26 miles with option to add the Hoddlebug Trail to the route)

9:00am:  Leave from Dillweed Inn
Head West toward Black Lick, Saylor Park
(Optional — head north on the Hoddlebug Trail for additional mileage).

Lunch:  I am exploring if the Dillweed would supply a Sunday lunch for the group after our morning ride.  If you would like to stay and have a late lunch, around 1:00pm after our morning ride, please include your plans in your RSVP.

I would like to have everyone’s commitment before July 1st.  So, please RSVP to me (Mark Burke) as soon as possible.

Please let me know the following:

  1.  The names of everyone in your party who will ride with us on Saturday.
  2.  Are you staying at the Dillweed B&B on Friday night?
  3.  Are you staying at the Dillweed B&B on Saturday night?
  4.  Please send me the names of everyone in your party who will ride with us on Sunday.
  5.  Are you interested in attending a lunch at the Dillweed on Sunday (around 1:00pm)?  There will be a fee for the lunch (TBD).  Once I have everyone’s plans, I can solidify the details.

I hope this ride sounds appealing to many of you.  Judy and I enjoy riding this trail very much and look forward to sharing the time together with all who can join us.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mark B.


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