Saturday, June 11th Road Ride: Beacon Light Hill Ride, Danville, PA

This Saturday’s ride will take place in Danville PA.  The route will take the group past a hidden American landmark location.  While all traces of the beacon have been removed, the site once served as a location for one of the many Transcontinental Air Mail Route Beacons spread across the US used to guide postal flights during the 1920’s and 30’s.








Ride Leader:  Mark Burke
Route Distance:  31.6 miles
Total Climb:  2409 ft
Leave Time:  9:00am
Starting Location:  14 Charles Street, Danville, PA (Home of Mark and Judy Burke)
Parking:  I will have our cars in our yard  to provide space for several cars in driveway and on the street. If you need to leave early, please park on the street to make sure you can get out.

Overview:  We’ll ride through the streets of Danville which is often rather quiet on a Saturday morning. We’ll cross the Susquehanna and head to the country side, passing the Danville Airport. This section is rather flat and open.  Pine Swamp Hollow Road is a beautiful, streamlined road with little to no traffic, but a steady slight climb.  The route does have hills, like most riding around Danville.  We’ll pass by the sight of the beacon and ride across route 54.  We’ll circle back, descend through Pine Swamp Hollow and once double back on many of the town roads we rode earlier. Bring your climbing legs.  Overall, the climbs aren’t long and we won’t drop anyone.

The weather looks good in the AM, but rain and strong storms are forecast for the PM. If you plan to join, I would appreciate an email letting me know you’re coming.  Click here to email me.

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