Wrap Up: Beacon Light Hill Ride

I do believe the group of five riders had something to do with keeping the storms away yesterday.  We hoped for great weather enough that maybe, just maybe we WERE able to will the clouds, the rain and the hail away for the day.  The morning was one of those mornings that we all think about when we think of some of our greatest ride days. The morning sun, temps in the mid 70’s, a breeze, great roads and great comradary, all made for what I am willing to say was a perfect ride.

imageThe Prez started the day with a demonstration on how to remove a knotted clump of plankton from a derailleur pulley.  Although, I’m not sure how such a small job resulted in him being covered with grease up to his elbows.  Maybe he was just being thorough.  Ryan, a new face to WBC, rode over to the starting point from his home in Nory.  We didn’t tell him that anyone who adds 22 miles to their first club ride gets charged double the membership dues 😉

The route delivered as promised, climbing and great scenery. I am a bit biased, but Danville is a beautiful area to cycle.  The Prez and Geoff saw a cycling group on another ride when the entered down.  And, on our route, we stopped to talk to Mike and Linda Pegg, a husband and wife who do a lot of riding in the area.  The geography is a bit hilly, but as we experienced yesterday, the downhills, like all downhills I think, offer some pretty solid rewards for the climbing effort.

Speaking of climbing, we all know the hills make us suffer.  No matter how strong we are, hills provide an opportunity to exert tons of effort.  I’m a believer in diligent practice. The very thing that makes us struggle can provide the experience and challenge we need to improve our performance.  But, we do have to be diligent (thoughtful).  A few days ago, The Prez, Mike Boyle and I were out riding.  Mike, who inspires us all, shared how he thinks about climbing.  I won’t get into the details here, but his words were a reminder.  I share the same thoughts as he in regards to climbing (i.e…smooth circles), but lately, I had left myself forget good form.  On my last few rides, his words of advice have scrolled through my mind on each climb.  I never aim for unreasonable KOM stats, but it does feel good to know that at 47 years old, I can still improve.  I share this because I think it demonstrates the power of a club like WBC. And, I share this because I believe we shouldn’t fear the hills. They provide an opportunity to test ourselves, to improve, a chance to coach each other and a time to enjoy the results of climb on the other side.

Thanks the Prez, Ted, Geoff and Ryan for coming out yesterday.  Till next ride…Cheers!





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