Saturday July 2nd Eagle’s Mere Mountain Bike Ride

Wrap up-Tom lead a really nice ride today and we found out it was his birthday.  We covered a variety of trail surfaces including blacktop, grassy trails and some moderately rocky ones. When Tom tells you to bring a Mountain Bike ( I did.) he really means knobby tires too (I had smooth trail trail tires which made it very interesting through some of the muddy sections).Everybody had fun, even Ted on a borrowed bike. Ted and Fran both had slow speed fall at different mud holes but unfortunately no one took pictures. (“If you ain’t falling, you ain’t learning.) Tom and Ted stayed to fight the crowds in the Annual Eagle’s Mere Antique Show with their families. We will have to try this ride again.

Ride Invitation-Tom Gibson will be leading a mountain bike ride in and around Eagle’s Mere and World’s End State Park starting at the lake outlet at 10AM. Here is his message:

“Let’s meet at the Outlet Pond parking lot just beyond downtown Eagles Mere on Rt. 42 at 10:00.We’ll start on the Eagles Mere Railroad rail trail, then right on the Susquehanna and EMRR rail trail, right on the Loyalsock Canyon Vista Trail, left on Shanerburg Rd., right on the Loyalsock Trail and take it to the Vista on Cold Run Rd., overlooking World’s End State Park. We may take the same way back except we’ll come into Eagles Mere Park and then take the paved road around the west side of Eagles Mere Lake back into town, then left on 42 and back to the parking lot. Also on the way back, we may take Cold Run Rd., Shanerburg Rd., and Bridle Trail (I’ve never ridden Bridle Trail, so no guarantees), or we could take that on the way out. It’s 12-13 miles total and should take 3-4 hours. Mountain bike required, as there are some rocky stretches.I’m working off a map of the Loyalsock State Forest. I haven’t mapped this digitally, but I’ll give it a shot if I get time.”

I will be working on a map, but I am not sure of all the roads. Here is Tom’s email if you have questions ( or his cellphone (570-713-4812). I am not sure if cellphones work in Eagle’s Mere so call him before you travel.

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