July 8th Keuka Lake Wrap Up

Sitting here on a humid Saturday morning, about to leave for the WBC group ride at Montour Preserve, Friday’s Keuka Lake ride is going through my head like those film strips we used to watch in elementary school. One frame at a time, with narration, moments along the journey come to the surface and stay for awhile.  The feeling of the 10 mile stretch of newly paved road, the cool breeze coming from the lake, the stories told as the three guys hung out under a tree at the stop sign. Of course, the local mercantile with “Fresh Salads” and “Worms” for sale lead to some confusion. But, of course, it is a lake community. People and fish have to eat.

image image image imageThe ride reminded me of why the WBC is such a great cycling club.  Mike Boyle, on his vacation, at his vacation rental, invited us to join him on this ride.  And, wow, his generosity was certainly the group’s gain.  We’re so fortunate to have amazing places to ride in our region. But experiecing other routes, scenery and communities is a benefit of our portable sport.  It seems to me, venturing out of our region is just as important as our weekly rides around our own stomping grounds.

This ride also makes me feel more so that WBC is a hidden gem of a bike club.  We have many who follow our rides, maybe living vicariously through the experieces of our rather small group of “regulars.”  After our ride, we shared stories about how WBC’s culture is unique.  We’ve heard from new, old and guest members that WBC is the cycling club that cares.  We heard one story about a guest who has joined many other clubs (a young racer) who said WBC is “the nice club.”  I don’t share this to imply other clubs aren’t nice, or kind, or don’t care about their members.  But all groups have priorities and create definable environments for the members.  Those who have joined a WBC ride will tell you, we want everyone to finish, we help all to do so, and we help everyone get stronger. While not our official motto, I believe those words say a lot about WBC.

The Keuka Lake ride was a great opportunity to experience the club.  I invite everyone who’s been following us (the more than 100 people on Facebook and the 40+ official members) to come out and enjoy our rides.  I know you’ll form a film strip memory of your own.


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