August 6th, “Wings Over Piper” Ride, Jersey Shore PA

Bill Faust will lead a ride leaving from the Pine Creek Rail-Trail parking lot in Jersey Shore at 8am on August 6, 2016.

JerseyShoreParkingAreaTowardTrailThe ride will be similar to our ride a week or so ago.  The ride will head toward Woolrich up the west side of Pine Creek following Sulphur Run Road, meeting Dutch Hollow Road then continue into Woolrich.  Once in Woolrich the group can decide how to proceed to Lock Haven depending on the weather.  “Wings Over Piper”  will be taking place at the Lock Haven airport.   Those wanting to stop at the event may do so. Those wishing to continue with the ride may continue on to Jersey Shore.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it won’t be too hot or humid.


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