Nighttime Buffalo Roundup Ride

It’s time, nighttime that is, for something a bit different. In the spirit of the Moonlight and Under the Stars rides being organized around the country, 

WBC is hosting the Nighttime Buffalo Roundup Ride this Friday on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail. WBC has gained special permission to use the trail after dusk to help our members enjoy riding beyond the daylight hours on the trail and away from traffic.  
Meeting Location: Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, Mifflinburg Park

Directions: Take N. 5th St. in Mifflinburg to Mifflinburg Park. Turn LEFT on Mill Street before entering the park and find a parking space. 

Time: Please gather by 5:00pm. We will meet and start the ride as soon as we are ready.

Mileage: 18 miles (out and back on the trail).

Special Notes: We’ve promised we will:

1. All ride with acceptable cycling lights. No exceptions. 

2. Sign a BVREC Waiver. Recently, someone was on the trail after dark and crashed into one of the gates requiring them to undergo extensive dental surgery. We need to be safe and agree to not hold the trail responsible. 

If you don’t have a light, this is a perfect time to hit the bike shop and add one to your equipment list. Also, expect temps in the 40s once the sun goes down, so dress in layers.   This will be a relaxed pace ride starting on the high end of the trail first. After the ride, we’ll be going to the Rusty Rail for dinner.

Please RSVP in a comment below. 

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