Sat. Jan. 21st, “Snow? We don’t have no stinkin’ snow” Ride Wrap Up

By Mark Burke…Fog, wet roads, drizzle, cool temps and 12 WBC riders made for a great ride on Saturday. Thanks to Mike and Lisa for hosting and leading.  And, thanks to Mike B for leading one of the spin-off groups.  For most of us, Winter isn’t a high mileage time of the year. So, getting out with friends whenever the weather isn’t too cold is a great bonus to being an active WBC member.  Finding motivation from group rides early in the year is also a great way to build enthusiasm for the upcoming Spring and Summer.  Riding a familiar route is also a good way to gauge fitness level at a time when it’s easy to loose perspective after months riding alone or on a trainer.  

When first joining a Bike Club, feeling okay participating in a ride without knowing about the terrain and pace can be intimidating.  WBC is an incredibly flexible bike club.  We broke into three groups.  Group 1 added an extra climb.  Group 2 stayed on course and added the route 864 climb out of Picture Rocks.  Group 3, spun off north of Hughesville for a flatter return to Pennsdale.  Not all  WBC rides split up, but at this time of the year, this structure helps provide a ride that works for everyone. 

Thanks to everyone who came out.  Stay tuned for the Lewisburg Ride on January 28th.  


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