Saturday, Feb. 18th Ride Wrap-Up

By Mark T. Burke

Yesterday’s ride goes into the books as one of my favorite WBC rides.  After a few months of winter, it’s hard NOT to love a 60 degree ride day with new and old friends.  Bill Seaward did an excellent job as ride leader…thanks Bill.  The double loop structure was brilliant.  We started at Montour Preserve and rode a 14 mile loop back to the lot.  The pit stop gave some a chance to shed some layers while others packed up for the day.  The remaining group headed out for another loop.  In the end, 30 ish miles are now in the bank. 

Coming off a great club meeting last week, the approval of the 2017 officers and ratification of our new bylaws, 17 riders demonstrated that WBC’s future is bright.  Saturday’s ride demonstrated how a variety of riding abilities can be accommodated on a club ride.  A great example was Terry M bravely making the leap to cycling cleats.  I asked him what he noticed and he said “it’s so smooth.”  He then shared how much more efficient pedaling is with cleats.  The PULL cycle means keeping the power on even when pulling your leg up and over. Congrats Terry. No falls…that’s impressive for the first time locked in.  On the flip side, Ryan and I gave Mike B and Helmet D (Helmet joined us for the first time) a chaser group.  By the time they caught up to us, they were really winded. I guess they just need a little more spring training to get back in shape….(cough….cough).  

Pacing is always a concern for riders when riding in a group.  New riders who haven’t ridden in a group are often concerned they won’t be able to keep up. Riding alone is a great activity. But, new to riding or not, riding with others means you’ll ride with those that push you and those that you can encourage. At WBC, this push and pull is all about building cycling comradary, skills, fitness and fun. Saturday’s ride was a great example of that spirit. 

Where do we go from here?  

  • Ride Leaders are needed. Please visit the officer’s link above and email me (Mark B.) if you are willing to lead a ride.
  • Join the club. If you enjoy our rides, show support and join. We’ll have membership forms for all non-members at each ride.  Join us for one “test ride” and you’ll see why becoming a paid member is the right next step.  Want to join now, click on Join above. 
  • Talk, share, volunteer, embrace the tough stuff and enjoy the rewards of being a club member. 

Thanks Bill S again for a great ride. Your riding experience, familiarity with the region’s best roads and exemplification of the WBC spirit is appreciated greatly.  

One comment

  • Was a great day and I even found my lost bike computer. We tried to follow the second group but the first lady was having rear hub noises so we went back, packed up and headed to Marty’s Bike Shop in Muncy for diagnoses and repairs.


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