Lewisburg to New Columbia

By Mark T. Burke

One of the greatest joys of our sport is waking up on a cloudy, chilly morning, heading out to join fellow WBC members for a ride and making an otherwise okay morning into a great morning.  I’ve really missed our Lewsiburg rides since Alex moved away.  Today’s ride lead by Ryan was perfect.  Early season rides that keep the climbing down but still offer opportunities to push the legs a bit are beneficial to many levels of riders.  Those who’ve been hitting the trainer get a chance to experience gravity again.  Those who’ve been doing other winter activities get back in the saddle without pounding themselves into the pavement.  And, those who are ready to hit the rev limiter can get in some flat sprints and short uphill pushes.  The route Ryan chose was a keeper.  

My Garmin report 27.2 miles, 14.30 avg. mph, 31.64 max mph, 1128.6 ft of climbing.  This was the first ride I’ve ever been on that involved a Baboon encounter.  Encouraging Ryan to return the large male’s show of authority proved interesting.  Let’s just say someone’s red behind did make an appearance.  We’ll leave you all guessing who’s.  Thanks for the ride Ryan.  

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