OOPS, we need to change to “Lisa’s flat Pennsdale-Hughesville Ride”! Saturday April 1st 10AM

The Wallis Run Course is off the table for a while. I drove it on Sunday and while many of the bridges are repaired, not all of them are! I ended up taking detours and driving 60 miles. I thought that might be a little far for an early season ride. The First Lady and I scoped out a nice flat ride that adds some flat roads onto the Pennsdale Clarkstown loop and cuts out the hills. We will be meeting at the Pennsdale Fire Hall at 10AM. The main loop is 20 miles and we have the ability to add a second loop if part of the group wants to go further. Here is the link to the map and cue sheet.


The speed to be 12 to 15 MPH and both Lisa and I will be leading the ride. It is a no drop ride. Any questions email me at mdhnatin@verizon.net or text at 570-279-1089.


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