WBC and BCP Joint Rides, Fri. and Sat. May 5-6

Good afternoon


The WBC is once again joining the BCP (Bicycle Club of Philadelphia) Spring Fling.




WBC will lead three rides for WBC and BCP members this Friday and Saturday.


Ride 1:  Washingtonville Loop, Friday May 5th 2:00pm

Start Time:  2:00pm
Ride Leader:  Jeff Coup
Ride Start Location:  Days in, Danville PA (map)
Ride Mileage:  31 Miles
Climbing:  1850 ft
Ride Map:  MapMyRide Route

Weather:  If raining, Jeff will make a decision at the hotel.


Ride 2:  Two Sides of the River Ride, Saturday May 6th 10:00am

Start Time:  10:00am
Ride Leader:  Mark Burke
Ride Start Location:  14 Charles Street, Danville, PA
Ride Mileage:  26.5 miles
Climbing:  2500 ft
Ride Map:  StravaMap (Strava shows less climbing than recorded via multiple Garmins on last run of this ride).

Details:  This is a hilly but fantastic route.  We will not drop anyone, but be prepared to climb.
Weather:  Rain cancels this ride.  Mark will make a decision at 8:30am to allow for travel to Danville.  Please check Facebook and email for any updates.  Mike will be meeting BCP members at the hotel and leaving to caravan to my house at 9:30.  If anyone wishes to meet him there and travel over, please feel free.


Ride 3:  Montour Preserve, Saturday May 6th 11:00am.

Start Time:  11:00am
Ride Leader:  Bill Seward
Ride Start Location:  Montour Preserve (note, the bridge off route 54 is closed.)
Ride Mileage:  TBD by group.

Details:  The ride group will determine the route.
Weather:  Bill will meet riders at the start time and work out alternative plans should it be raining.


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