Weekend Wrap-Up, Weather or Not

By Mark T. Burke

First, a big thank you to Jeff Coup and Bill Seaward for joining me in leading three rides this weekend for WBC and the BCP. Jeff’s “31 mile, 17 mile option, 25 miles in the end” ride was great.  We explored roads I want to ride again soon.  Even though I’ve lived in Danville for almost 20 years, I know I have a lot of roads to explore.  Thanks to John and Ann from BCP for joining.  

Riders: John, Ann, Jeff, Mark, Jeff and Mike (photographer)

My “Two Sides of the River Ride” had us all hitting the hills.  The rain held off until we made our way through Riverside. 

Riders: Mike, Mark, Larry, Lisa (Dogs, Lincoln, Walt) (Photographer Judy B.)

This is one of my favorite places on the route on Mt. Zion Road.  The Mustard Weed is filling in the blank spots at the tree farm this time of the year.  What a beautiful sight.  

This is the crew at the top of our last big climb.  We were all still smiling.  

Bill Seaward’s ride group didn’t snap any photos, so we’ll just have to believe their recall of the ride as being just over 100 miles in 1 hour.  Maybe that was a typo. Was that just over 10 miles Bill?

My Personal Invitation:  WBC is a membership-driven club.  If you are interested in leading rides, please contact me today. I’ll guide you on setting up a ride, getting the waiver prepared, and promoting your ride.  If you’ve never lead a ride, no worries, you’ll be supported in your efforts to make our club a great cycling organization.  Please email Mark Burke.

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