Saturday, June 17th, Pedal/Paddle Jersey Shore Support and Trail Ride

This Saturday, June 17th, WBC will be supporting the Pedal/Paddle Jersey Shore event, by the Susquehanna Greenways Partnership.  The Prez, Bill S. and Mark B. are registered as the sweeps for the 4.5 mile family friendly trail ride.  We’ll be responsible for helping all 50+ participants make it safely to the canoe launch point at Torbert.

AND….Once we do so, WBC will host an extension ride to Slate Run.  Once we’ve ended our duties with the event, we’ll continue an additional 21-22 miles to Slate Run.  Lunch plans are flexible at this point.  The event lunch is for registered attendees and we’re not quite sure what time we’ll be finished with our support.  So, continuing on to Slate Run and eating at the deli wouldn’t be such a a bad thing 🙂 They have amazing sandwiches. 

Meeting:  10:30 Leave Time.

Location:  Jersey Shore Recreational Area:

Route:  Rail Trail, crushed limestone, flat. 

Mileage:  50 miles

Pace:  Up to rider.

Special Instructions:  Please note we are tagging onto an organized event.  This is however an opportunity to promote WBC.  If you are joining, we ask that you either start before the event participants leave the Rec area and meet us near Torbet, or ride at the back of the group.  The organizers have an approved safety plan for the event that we must follow.  Once you arrive, please check in with Mike, Bill or Mark to let us know you will be joining and if you will start early or ride at the back. Also, to help our planning, please RSVP


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