Saturday August 19 2017-Revised Sugar Valley Ride

The last two times we rode “The Sugar Valley Loop” we added the Narrows Road in the middle of the ride and I thought, “Wow, this would be great way to end with this downhill“. So this Saturday, I would like to meet at the Northeast Fishery Center in Lamar and ride the loop. The advantage is the long gradual (and very pretty) downhill is now at the end of the ride. There is the added benefit that there will be three options of ride length: 24 miles if you make the turn at Booneville, 30 miles if you make the turn at Loganton or 40 miles if you make the turn at East Winter Road. I would like to start the ride at 9AM. Lamar is only one or two exits west on Route 80. Let me know if you have questions ( or if you are running late (570-279-1089) Here is the link for the ride:

This will be a no-drop ride and a typical club pace of 13 to 15 MPH. All the course are very simple and hard to get lost. There are no real big hills so it should be a pleasant ride in the countryside.

Oh by the way, we won’t be able to fish at the Center. We are just using their parking lot.

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