45 mile ride from Little Pine State Park to Liberty (and Back) 9/23/2017 9AM

So it is September but feels like July.

I went back and picked out a ride from earlier this Summer. This Saturday, the First Lady and I would like to invite you to ride with us from Little Pine State Park to Liberty and back. The full ride is 45 miles but it is an out and back course so it is easy to shorten the distance (for those who want to) plus there are only 2 turns each way.I would like to start at 9 AM at the Swimming Area parking lot. It should be an average club ride with speeds in the 13 to 15 MPH average. It is a no drop ride. The ride is fairly shady in the first part with no large hills, just a general uphill on the way up and a nice brisk downhill on the way back.

Let me know if you are interested because I am not sure about cellphone coverage at Little Pine State Park.My email is mdhnatin@verizon.net or text me at 570-279-1089.  Her is the link to the map and cue sheet.


There are other activities this weekend too.

Saturday- Harvest Festival and trail run at Camp Susque
Sunday Ride with the Y on the Pine Creek Rail Trail- Noon.

See our Facebook page for more details!

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