Oktoberfest Ride in Mifflinburg (October 07 2017)


This Saturday is good day for a 30 mile ride in Mifflinburg.(Funny hats are optional but I hope they are available).

Sue Rexer will be leading the ride this Saturday.We will be meeting at the swimming pool parking lot in Mifflinburg. The main course will be 31 miles starting at 10 AM and returning in time to attend the Oktoberfest for lunch. For those who want a shorter course, We will be crossing the rail trail a couple of times making a good cut off spot. Bring your locks to secure your bikes. There may be some new riders on this ride so we may break up into separate groups based on expected pace.(Please load the course onto your GPS device if you have one.)  I will print out cue sheets too. It will be a no drop ride.

Here is the link for the ride map and cue sheet.


Here is the link for the event afterwards.The main festival is slightly out of town so we should not have trouble with parking at the swimming pool.

event http://oktoberfest.mifflinburgpa.com/

Rain will cancel, but the weather report looks fine so far. If you have any questions, please contact the Prez at mdhnatin@verizon.net or by text 570-279-1089.

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