Saturday July 21 2018-Weikert/Penns Creek Gravel Ride

How about a really pretty 29 mile gravel ride along parts of the Penn’s Creek Path?

I know several Club members are doing the Fireman’s ride on Sunday, but there is no¬†excuse for everyone not to ride. Ryan will be leading a nice 29 mile gravel ride that leaves from Weikert. (Ok, that’s almost halfway to State College). But it looks really nice. Did I mention that we have to ride through a long tunnel? There is one hill near the middle but you get a long downhill on the other side.Here is the link to the map and an article about part of the ride:

Ryan said

Half of this route is on a rail trail along Penn’s Creek and goes through a tunnel. Just one long gradual climb in the middle then a long road ride back down a gravel road.
Only downside is it starts in Weikert which is a bit of a drive from anywhere.

We will meet at 9AM at Weikert Parking lot because I want an early start. Let me know if you are interested in going and if you maybe want to carpool. or 570-279-1089. This course looks very easy to make a short loop for those members that just want to stay on the rail trail. You might want to bring your camera too!

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