10/19/19 Pennsdale Green Valley Ride

Meet us this Saturday at 10AM for the Pennsdale Green Valley Ride.

The First Lady is recovering from shoulder surgery (and the Prez is being nurse maid) so Geoff is leading the 36 miler from the Pennsdale Fire Company Parking lot starting at 10 AM. The course rolls through Hughesville before setting out into the countryside and up the gradual climb up Green Valley Road. That climb sets up the the long sweeping downhill coast on Beaver Lake Road before returning through the farmland around Pennsdale. Here is the the link to the course and contour map.


There is a option to cut the course a little shorter but opting out of the out and back section on Beaver Lake Road. That makes the shorter course 24 miles long. It is a no drop ride and the average speed should be in the 13 to 15 MPH range. Of course, downhill will be significantly faster.If you have questions about the ride, please contact Geoff at gforester@shingle.com or by text at 856-381-7243.

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