Little Pine to Liberty Ride (20,30 or 45 miles) Saturday August 08,2020

Come join us at 9AM on Saturday August 08 at the swimming pavilion at Little Pine State Park for the ride up to LIberty. Ok, the total route is 45 miles but it is basically an out and back course so it is easy to make it a 20, 30 or ride the full 45 miles. All of them have the same start and stop location. There are only three turns on the entire course. Almost completely on back roads except for about 1.5 miles on Route 287. It will be a no drop ride with an average speed of 13 to 15 MPH. Here is the link to the contour and course map.

Contact me if you have questions or by text 570-279-1089.
There will be an optional lunch afterwards at Happy Acres Restaurant or the Waterville Hotel.

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