Saturday August 15,2020 Lamar to sugar valley Loop

Come join us at the the National Fishery in Lamar at 9AM for a nice loop course through Amish Farmland. We are starting in Lamar so we get a nice downhill coast at the end of the ride. There are definite cross over points in the loop for those wanting a shorter ride than the full 40 miles. Just let the Prez know you want a shorter route. I promise you won’t get lost. There are rest rooms at the ball fields just below the fishery entrance at the start of the ride. It will be a no drop ride with a average speed of 13 to 15 MPH. No big hills on the ride.(Yes Sue, there are only rollers.)

Here is the link to the course an contour map:

If you have not done this course, I highly recommend giving it a try. It is worth the drive.There is a nice Diner in Lamar afterwards if you want to have lunch. If you have questions, please contact the Prez at or by text 570-279-1089.

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