9/19/2020 Pennsdale MOuntain Road ride 28 MIles 10 AM

Come enjoy a nice 28 mile bike ride in the crisp Fall air! New Fall Start time 10 AM.

Well, they have finally finished paving the Pennsdale Civic Center/Fire Company/Muncy Creek Township Building. Hooray! We will be meeting at 10AM for a nice back roads ride in Upper Fairfield. We are starting at 10 AM to allow the temperature to warm up a bit, but don’t worry. There is a climb near the beginning to get everyone warmed up. We will zoom down Rte 864 then head north onto some back roads for a nice loop course. We get to ride down Quaker Church road back to the cars. There is a 21 mile option so let me know if you want to make the ride a little shorter. Here is the link to the course and elevation map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28486384 Let me know if you have any questions mdhnatin@verizon.net or 570-279-1089. Please do not be late. We might have lunch afterwards at a local restaurant.
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