Saturday October 03, 2020 10 AM MOntgomery to Elimsport 25,39 or 45 miler.

The weather should be beautiful for our ride tomorrow. Come join us at 10 AM on Saturday October 3 for a nice ride through Montgomery and some Amish farmland. We will meet in Montgomery Park near the river and will go through Allenwood and loop around towards Elimsport before returning back. Forget about the first day of archery hunting, come ride with us instead. We will be averaging 13 to 15 MPH and it will be a no drop ride so we promise not to lose you. Here is the link to the course and contour map. Notice that there are a couple of hills but they are not big or long. ( But not quite rollers Sue.) 

Let me know if you want to do the shorter course, I will tell you where to cut off. As aways, contact me with questions or 570-279-1089. Please don’t be late, we like to leave on time

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