Traditional Sugar Valley Ride- 11, 17 or 26 miler 1 PM Saturday March 20,2021

The forecasted weather is Sunny and 50 degrees F so come join the Prez and First Lady on the Traditional Sugar Valley course at 1 PM. The course is a loop course which goes down one side of the valley and back up the other side. Lots of Amish farms with no big hills. When I first joined the club, it was always one of the first rides of the season. There are plenty of cut-offs to make the course 11 or 17 mile long. Come join us in the parking lot of the Kazkav restaurant (right across the Pitstop gas station). The average speed should be 10 to 13 MPH and it will be a no drop ride. I think Mike Horizon is still in Alaska, so he won’t be leading a faster group. If you have questions, please contact me at or by text at 570-279-1089.Here is the link to the course map, cue sheet and contour map:

Lunch at the restaurant is optional but the food is quite good. Plus, they are letting us use their parking lot. Don’t be late with texting me!

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