Al’s ride with the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia-Saturday May 22 9AM 37 mile with a pizza stop!

Al’s ride from Danville with a Pizza stop. Al DeGaetano will be leading a 37 mile ride from the Quality Inn in Danville in conjunction with the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia Spring Fling  weekend. It will travel through Lewisburg and stop off at Larry’s restaurant (The Italian Terrace) for a slice, before returning back to the hotel.  The ride is about 37 miles long and Al is pre-riding the course on Thursday to check it out. There are plenty of rides with the BCP on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but you have to go to the hotel to check out the postings! There are rides from 8 to 80 miles for all levels of fitness. Lots of tandems and recumbents too. Here is the link to Al’s ride.

Like all our rides, it will be no drop with an average speed around 13 to 16 MPH. If you have questions, you can contact me at 570-279-1089. Al will have specific knowledge on the course so give him a call at 570-847-6031. The weather is looking very good for riding this weekend. 

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