Jersey Shore to Lock Haven ride 31 miler 08/27/2022 9AM

I just wanted to ride this ride from the Caboose in Jersey Shore. Come meet us at 9AM for a nice ride on the backroads through Woolrich and almost to Lock Haven before we return along the river. All the grades are in the first part of the ride with the second part being fairly flat. I also want to see if we can connect with the new bridge across the Susquehanna that was just opened. It will be a no drop ride but I think the average pace should be near 15 to 16 MPH. Here is the link for the course:

Contact the Prez if you have any or by text 570-279-1089. Don’t be late we like to start on time. We will talk about stopping off for lunch after the ride. The Bald Bird Brewery is always popular.

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